Farm Tires

Your Farm Tire Repair in Central Illinois

No matter the time, D&D Service Center is here for your tire repair needs. Our goal is to have you up and running as soon as possible, we understand the importance of having your farm equipment in working condition and how malfunctions hurt profits and business.

No matter what kind of equipment you use, we provide only the highest quality products and services. We carry most major brands and OEM tires and offer rubber tracks for tractors and heavy equipment. Contact D&D Service Center today for more details.

Agricultural Floater Tires

D&D Service Center carries agriculture and forestry tires to help enhance your farming experience. We pride ourselves on being the leader in tire solutions for your agriculture needs. Having a quality floater tire on your tractor results in less downtime and more production – something all farms are looking for.

Your flotation farm tires are designed to make fractional compaction on your soil while also providing an increasing amount of traction that is necessary for a range of agricultural applications. If you are experiencing problems with your agricultural floater tires on your tractor or sprayer, we can repair and replace them with ease!

Tractor Tires

Your farm equipment is no small investment, from combines to sprayers, agricultural vehicles and products always account for major expenses. One of the best ways to ensure your tractor is in optimal condition is proper tire care. If your tire’s tread is worn, it decreases production, fuel waste, and higher expenses.

Some of the common signs to tell when it is time to replace your tractor tires are when dry rot develops. This happens when tires get over-exposed to sunlight and dry air. If your tractor tires start to become pale or brittle, it could be dry rot. Like any tire, air pressure always needs to be at ideal levels for maximum efficiency, otherwise, you are looking at fuel waste and improper load management. Wheel slippage regards the traction and how far your tractor moves as a result of the wheel turning. If your tractor is having a hard time getting good traction, wheel slippage could be your issue.

Whether you need tractor tire repair or replacement, call Daniel at 217.899.8182 or David at 217.271.9409 today! Please leave a message if we don’t respond so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Call Daniel at 217.899.8182 or David at 217.271.9409 for Questions & Free Estimates

Please leave a message if we don’t respond so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

combine heavy duty tires near central illinois

Combine Tires

As time goes on, your combine’s tires will begin to deteriorate. In today’s agricultural world, farm equipment is getting stronger, larger, and heavier – all things that your tires need to consider. Tire manufacturers must develop new technologies to carry heavier loads at lower inflation pressures which reduce your soil compaction. Agricultural vehicles are all about performance, and the best way to hinder that performance is with poor traction which leads to fuel waste and improper load management.

D&D Service Center carries various tires for your combine from some of the top brands in the industry. With one of our tires expertly installed by our technician, your combine is guaranteed to increase its performance, durability and production.

Sprayer Tires

D&D Service Center has a wide array of sprayer tiles for your agricultural machines. From repairing to replacing, we are the specialists when your agricultural vehicles need tire repair. We understand that faulty tires hurt production, which is why we serve each client with haste.

Browse our selection and explore our sprayer tires that were engineered for performance, sustainability, and comfort.

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Wagon Tires

Wagon tires, also known as farm implement tires, spend the majority of their lifespan carrying large and heavy loads while maintaining contact with your soil trying to leave a minimal impact. Having quality wagon tires from a trusted brand is the best way to ensure you are maximizing your soil reduction while simultaneously being able to sustain heavy loads and extended wear. Like every other piece of agricultural equipment, your tires’ most important task is traction – without it, the result is lower fuel consumption and hinders productivity.

For top-of-the-line wagon tires in Central Illinois, stop by D&D Service Center!